Hired investigators say Jesse Brooks didn’t plot murder

UnionLeader.com – Janurary 28, 2013
MANCHESTER — Private investigators on Monday detailed what they claimed were overly aggressive police tactics and prosecutorial misconduct they said led to the 2009 conviction of Jesse Brooks on conspiracy for murder charges.
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Gatti’s widow considered a suspect, U.S. assets frozen

RingTV.com – September 21, 2011
No matter what happens in the Quebec Superior Court regarding the case of late boxer Arturo Gatti, his widow, Amanda Rodrigues, will not get any of his money, according to New Jersey-based attorney Anthony Pope, and Paul Ciolino, the lead investigator into Gatti’s death.
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Arturo Gatti Death Investigation Media Presentation

The Boxing Examiner.com – September 9, 2011
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Arturo Gatti case may be reviewed by Brazilian prosecutors

The Globe and Mail – September 8, 2011
Brazilian prosecutors will take another look at the mysterious death of Canadian boxing star Arturo Gatti, thickening the plot of a legal saga that is hopping among three countries at breakneck speed.
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Experts say late boxer Gatti was murdered in ’09

The Wall Street Journal – September 7, 2011
Former junior welterweight champion Arturo Gatti was murdered two years ago in Brazil, a panel of forensic evidence experts said Wednesday as it presented the results of a 10-month investigation initiated to challenge the official version that Gatti committed suicide.
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Boxing champ Arturo Gatti didn’t commit suicide, experts say

NJ.com – September 7, 2011
Boxing world champion Arturo Gatti was murdered and did not commit suicide, a panel of experts said today at a news conference in North Bergen.
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Court battle over Gatti’s estate begins Tuesday; investigators’ announcement Wednesday

RingTV.com – September 6, 2011
A civil trial is set to begin in Montreal on Tuesday to settle how the multimillion-dollar estate of late Canadian boxing titleholder Arturo Gatti will be divided, according to a report by The Canadian Press. Gatti’s family in Montreal had requested a delay so that it could study the findings of a private nearly 11-month long probe into the fighter’s death, the results of which will be announced on Wednesday by investigators who will conclude that his demise was a homicide and not a suicide, lead investigator Paul Ciolino told RingTV.com.
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Murder Charges Imminent For Amanda Knox?

The Early Show, CBS News – June 2008
For the past nine months, 21-year-old Amanda Knox has been sitting in a jail in Italy. Officials believe the American coed and her boyfriend killed her roommate, and could charge Amanda sometime this week. But she maintains her innocence.
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Is Amanda Knox Innocent?

48 Hours, CBS News – May 2008
American student Amanda Knox is being held in Italy for the murder of her roommate. A private investigator calls it a “railroad job from hell.” He and “48 Hours'” Peter Van Sant speak with Julie Chen.
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A Long Way From Home

48 Hours, CBS News – April 2008
48 Hours investigates the American student jailed in Italy for her roommate’s murder.
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15 years later, murder witness finally comes clean

By Michael Sangiacomo and Mark A. Puente
The Plain Dealer – July 2, 2006
Lies put wrong men in prison, he says. 
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Texas Girl Says Abuse Claims Were Coerced by Mom

2020, ABC News – Jan. 6, 2006
Sixteen-year-old Stephanie Arena longs for a normal girl’s life, but she is haunted by the fact that she sent her teenage cousins to prison for a crime she now says they didn’t commit. read the article…

10% of people charged with crime are really innocent

By A.M. Brown
Inside Tucson Business – Monday, Oct 17, 2005
Is it possible there are innocent people sitting in Arizona’s prisons? On death row? According to nationally-known private investigator Paul Ciolino it’s practically a certainty. 
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Cop Videotaped In Beating Faces More Allegations

by Dave Savini
CBS 2 Chicago – July 12, 2005
Five Teens Plan Lawsuit Against Officer, Police Department. “It’s a reign of terror…” read the article… 

Two brothers’ future, one officer’s fate

By Garrett Ordower
Daily Herald – July 13, 2005
A scuffle between two local men and a police officer with a history of abuse complaints leaves all three fighting  for their futures. read the article… 

Angel of Death Row

By Trevor Robb
The West Australian – June 2003
Private investigator Paul Ciolino is on a mission to save innocent inmates of Death Row. He explained to Trevor Robb his passion to get rid of the death penaty, which helped convince the Governor of Illinois to put a moratorium on its use but led to to his politicial demise. read the article…

‘Pink teeth’ case: Truth is elusive 

Herald News June 22, 2003
Paul Ciolino has spent the last eight years attempting to untangle the “pink teeth” murder case. And he thinks he has done it. read the article… 

Ryan Commutes Death Row Inmates’ Sentences

CNN January 11, 2003
We want to take you now to a breaking situation. The Illinois outgoing governor, George Ryan, is speaking now about the commutations of several Illinois death row inmates. Let’s listen in. read the article… 

Thrill-killer baffles police 

Canadian Press
The Globe and Mail – October 6, 2002
Washington — Psychological profilers say the deadly marksman who has coldly cut down a cross-section of Americans in Washington’s suburbs is a meticulous thrill-killer taking great delight in thwarting police. read the article… 

Enemy of the State 

by Bryan Smith
Chicago magazine July 2002
Jagoffs. He’s surrounded by friggin’ jagoffs. Cops. Clients. Lawyers. Especially lawyers, he thinks.
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PROFESSIONS Defender of the Truth

By Joe Stella
Franoi – May 2002
Paul Ciolino is right, and you’re wrong. If you’re debating him, that’s what the 46-year old private investigator will have you thinking by the time you and he part company. But it will have been a pleasant encounter because Ciolino’s disposition is pleasant � most of the time. read the article…

Carroccia not guilty 

by Gloria Carr
The Courier News March 27, 2002
John Carroccia walked out the front doors of the Kane County Judicial Center a free man Tuesday after a jury acquitted him of Hampshire police Sgt Gregory Sears’ murder nearly two years ago. read the article… 

Slain Cop’s Pal Walks Free 

by Dan Rozek
Chicago Sun-Times March 27, 2002
The Kane County jury that acquitted John Carroccia on Tuesday saw so little evidence tying him to the murder of Hampshire Police Sgt. Gregory Sears that jurors would have reached the same conclusion without even hearing Carroccia’s defense, the jury foreman said Tuesday. read the article… 

Man acquitted in slaying plans to reclaim his life 

by Amy E. Nevala
Chicago Tribune March 28, 2002
One day after a jury found him not guilty in the slaying of his lifelong friend, John Carroccia said he, is “coming down to Earth and is just happy to get home.” read the article… 

Private eye on the trail for Innocence Project at UIS 

The State Journal-Register – February 26, 2001
Springfield, Illinois
Lecture part of effort to start network for wrongly convicted defendants. read the article… 

Investigator backs Death Row inmate

Tribune October 10, 2000
The private investigator who videotaped a confession that freed Anthony Porter from Death Row in 1999 appeared before the Illinois Prison Review Board on Tuesday to recommend that the governor commute another death sentence for a man who has consistently proclaimed his innocence. read the article…

Private eye pleads case to pardon convicted killer 

Daily Herald – October 4, 2000
A private investigator on Tuesday tried to put a human face on Ronald Kliner, who is on death row for murdering a Palatine Township woman and laughing as he did it. 
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P.I. wants pardon for convicted killer 

Associated Press
Chicago Sun-Times – October 4, 2000
The private investigator who helped free former Death Row inmate Anthony Porter made an impassioned plea to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board on Tuesday, asking board members to recommend a pardon for a man convicted of pulling the trigger in a contract murder. read the article… 

Investigative team takes on Rodney Moore’s defense

Texas – July 18 , 2000
Center attorney Joe Bailey announced at a press conference Monday that a team of investigators, including Paul J. Ciolino of the Innocence Project out of Chicago, will be re-investigating a 1997 triple homicide in East Center. read the article… 

Local P.I. gets air time for notable case 

July 10, 2000
A repeat telecast of the show “48 Hours” tonight at 9 p.m. on Channel 2 traces the capital murder case of a Florida death row inmate. So how does Arlington Heights resident Paul Ciolino, a father of four, figure in? read the article… 

Friend held in officer’s fatal shooting 

Tribune – June 6, 2000
A childhood friend of slain Hampshire Police Sgt. Greg Sears stood quietly in court Saturday morning as a Kane County judge ordered him held on $5 million bond. read the article… 

Illinois investigator joins fight to free death row inmate 

Associated Press
St. Petersburg Times January 16, 2000
The man says evidence in a South Florida murder case is too weak. read the article… 

Private, state investigators compare notes 

Florida Today – September 10, 1999
Private investigators who claim death-row inmate Crosley Green is innocent ended two days of meetings with state investigators in Chicago on Thursday. read the article… 

Investigators say condemned man not guilty

Associated Press
Florida News – August 25, 1999
TITUSVILLE – Private investigators say they’ve uncovered enough evidence to free a former drug dealer who has spent the past decade on death row for a 1989 shooting in Brevard County. read the article…

FDLE to probe ’89 Mims slaying 

Florida Today – September 2. 1999
Inquiry requested after private investigators claim witnesses lied read the article… 

Milka’s sleuth on roll

by Kevin Lyons
The Northwest Herald February 11, 1999
Accused killer Edward Milka is using the same private investigator who obtained the videotaped confession that freed Anthony Porter from death row. read the article… 

Double Murder Case Unravels 

By Douglas Holt and Steve Mills (Tribune Staff Writers)
Chicago Tribune February 4, 1999
Once 2 days away from execution, inmate may go free after another man implicates himself in 2 murders. 
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