Paul Ciolino is considered one of the finest speakers and instructors on criminal defense investigations and issues in the world today. He has lectured extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia & Australia. His presentations on wrongful convictions and death penalty investigations have been heard by thousands.

He has lectured extensively at Yale Law School, Northwestern University, John Marshall Law School, Massachusetts School of Law, Kent Law School, University of Cincinnati Law School, Northern Arizona University, University of Illinois and many other academic institutions.

He has spoken about criminal defense investigations and participated in panels for the American Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, numerous Federal Defender Conferences, and another dozen state bar and criminal defense groups.

Paul is a superb performer. From the moment he steps up on the stage, the air is alive with energy and enthusiasm. He brings humor and perspective to the very serious business of homicide and violent crime investigations. He teaches practical investigative techniques that are immediately applicable.

Paul is not only an internationally recognized speaker, but he is also the co-author of the highly acclaimed and successful books, Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations, Advanced Forensic Civil Investigations. Paul has been profiled in magazines, newspapers and professional journals. He has appeared on CNN and FOX news as a commentator on high profile murder cases over 100 times. He has been featured on CBS’s 48 Hours, and ABC’s 20/20.

Paul is one of the few great speakers able to deliver meaningful information about the future in a dynamic and entertaining manner. He captivates audiences with his intuitive and well studied perspective concerning what lies ahead. His organized, thought provoking, and dynamic presentations build his reputation as one of America’s top investigators. You will long remember his action packed message.