Forensic Coordinator

forensic coordinatorWe have been coordinating teams of leading forensic experts for decades. Whether it be a high profile murder in South America; an aviation disaster in Nepal; or a high profile civil rights case in Mississippi. We have successfully located, hired and coordinated the professional services of experts from around the globe — with quality outcomes.

Getting out in front of costly and complicated litigation in the early stages of an investigation is one of the keys to a successful outcome. Merely having a big budget is not good enough. Knowing where to go and whom to hire for a specific case is just the start.

global boxingCoordinating the work flow, managing the budget, and insuring that the forensic team is operating in sync is the key to a winning strategy. In a world where there are no secrets and your competition is ruthless and maybe even not quite as ethical as one would like your ability to manage and coordinate a team from different backgrounds, expertise, and disciplines is what will set you for failure or success.

global boxingJust dealing with the issues of due diligence and screening of your experts is all consuming and a lengthy process. Coordinating their work, their professional finished products and insuring that everyone is preforming up to standard is critical to achieve the desired result.

Some of the  areas of expertise that we have coordinated are:

*Biomechanical Forensics
*Forensic Psychiatry
*Forensic Pathology
*Forensic & Laboratory Fraud
*DNA Experts
*Injury & Wound Analysis
*Forensic Animation
*Freedom of Information Experts
*Crime Scene Evaluation and Evidence Review
*Computer Forensics
*Criminal Profiling
*Civil Rights Violation
*Human Rights Violations
*Insanity and Competency Issues
*In Custody Deaths
*Suicide/Homicide Determination
*Use of Force Experts
*Aviation Disasters
*False Allegations of Sexual Assault
*Cold Case Investigations
*Wrongful Convictions
*Bank & Insurance Fraud
*Media & Crisis Intervention Strategy

In summary, we will coordinate all of your expert services. This includes trial preparation and forensic expert testimony. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.