By Eileen O. Daday
Arlington Heights – July 10, 2000

pciolinobwA repeat telecast of the show “48 Hours” tonight at 9 p.m. on Channel 2 traces the capital murder case of a Florida death row inmate. So how does Arlington Heights resident Paul Ciolino, a father of four, figure in?

He’s the private investigator who assembled a team of detectives to re-examine the case. Ciolino runs Paul J. Ciolino and Associates, which has offices in Palatine and Chicago. Typically they handle cases involving criminal defense work, many of which have landed in the media.

This week alone, Ciolino is working with A&E officials on the airing of a Chicago case, as well as two more cases to be aired on “48 Hours.” Tonight’s show examines the kidnapping, robbery and murder of 21-year old Charles “Chip” Flynn, in April 1989. Crosley Green, who had just gotten out of jail on drug charges, was convicted of the crime.

“After working this case, I would say it’s virtually impossible for him to have committed this crime,” Ciolino says. “I’m waiting for DNA results as we speak.”

The show was filmed last summer, when “48 Hours” crews followed Ciolino and his associates for three months in Florida while they investigated the case.

What began as a possible segment to air on the show now winds up as the entire hour tonight. Tonight’s repeat contains a key update. According to Ciolino, because of his reinvestigation, and the re-airing of the “48 Hours” show, it has prompted Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to order the state Department of Law Enforcement to reopen the investigation.

Ciolino also teaches an investigation course at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.