Paul Ciolino is a life long resident of Chicago and was the first and only Homicide Investigation expert hired by 48 Hours and CBS News as an on air personality and expert. He has appeared in hundreds of news program on every major cable and television network in both the United States and Canada. His shows on CBS’s 48 Hours averaged 6.5 million viewers per episode.

He is also a seven year Army veteran sergeant who served in the combat arms and military police where was a member of the first civilian trained SWAT team. He was the lead homicide and mass molestation investigator for the State of Illinois’ Department of Children and Family services. He obtained over 200 written confessions in homicide and child related sexual assaults.

Ciolino was a licensed private investigator in Illinois, Louisiana. Wisconsin, Iowa, and Florida throughout a thirty five year career where he investigated hundreds of murders and other very serious crimes. His investigations resulted in the historical emptying of Illinois death row population in 2003. He was directly responsible for gaining the release of five death row inmates and five more serving life sentences. As a direct result of a stunning videotaped confession he obtained in a 1982 murder case an inmate on death row who came within 48 hours of execution was exonerated and freed. When Illinois Governor George Ryan emptied death row he mentioned Ciolino by name as one of his main reasons for doing so.

Ciolino was the first and only private investigator to date to ever pass and be certified as a Forensic Criminal Profiler. Criminal Profilers provide advanced instruction in the application of evidence based criminal profiling techniques (aka Behavioral Evidence Analysis) to unsolved criminal cases, with the anticipation of eventual courtroom testimony. Profilers also examine case material, interpret behavioral evidence, and prepare written investigative and forensic reports. He also sits on the board of The International Association of Forensic Criminologists (IAFC) He is the past president of The National Association of Legal Investigators, past president of The Special Agents Association, and former multi term board member of The Council of International Investigators. He is a former winner of The International Investigator of the year award and The Louisiana investigator of the year.

Ciolino has authored or co authored four books. They are:

  1. Advanced Forensic Civil Investigations, Lawyer and Judges Publishing Company.
  2. Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations, Lawyer and Judges Publishing Company.
  3. Corporate Investigations, Lawyer and Judges publishing company.
  4. In The Company of Giants, The ultimate investigation guide for Legal Professionals, Journalists, and the Wrongly Convicted. Published by I Universe.

In the winter of 2016 Forensic Investigations will be published by Elsevier Science Publishing Company. Also in 2016 a biography titled “Dead in Six Minutes” the story of Dr. Stanley M. Zydlo Jr. M.D. and the founding of the modern Emergency Medical System and Paramedic program.