num2Our dogs are selected at birth and followed through their development with some of the top sport and police dog trainers in the world. We purchase only the finest of these individuals to complete our rigorous advanced training program, after which they are finally ready to go to the client. Our selection team personally tests and evaluates top dogs from around the globe, only to select the very best for our program. We select dogs not only with superb power and athleticism, but who are also confident, stable, social, and brave.

With our true off-leash training system, our dogs can just as readily be handled by police and military in the most difficult of environments as they can by a mother or even a child. We make absolutely no compromises in our selection and our training in order to give our clients a truly customized one-of-a-kind dog with no equal anywhere in the world. Our dogs never need a leash, regardless of the environment or circumstance. We not only train the dog to be amazing in obedience and protection, but also to be a fun and loving companion.

The same dog that will walk with you off-leash in downtown or protect youth his life will at the same time be a dog you can play with at the park or cuddle with on the floor. In “default-mode,” your dog will accept your friends and guests calmly and politely and never have to be “put away” or cause a scene. Only when you decide otherwise will the dog immediately spring into action as needed. This can mean anything from showing an aggressive response by your side in order to allow you to get away from an uncomfortable situation, to protecting you or your loved ones from multiple aggressive attackers.

We believe that having a dog with unmatched manners and control allows you, the owner, to take your dog anywhere with you without worry, while giving you and your family the utmost confidence and reassurance.

Our Process


During your consultation, Omri Geva conducts an interview with you as a client, discussing your specific goals and desires in order to deliver you the ultimate protection companion. It is important during this conversation to take in to account and consider your family, lifestyle and home so these goals and expectations can be exceeded.


num3Once your personal one-on-one consultation has been concluded, our team of scouts begin the detailed selection process around the world. This procedure can take anywhere from one to six weeks due to our extremely high standards in quality control. We will be in close contact with you during this time period, presenting you with several different options that fit your needs.


When the ideal match has been identified we will send you additional photos of the dog to assure that you as a client are not only satisfied with the dog’s temperament, but also with the overall appearance and accuracy of description. Once all parties are in agreement, the dog will be medically examined and delivered to Omri Geva to begin training.


num4Shortly after arrival an intense training regimen will begin in the trainers home. All dogs are immediately immersed in real life situations and their environment will mimic your lifestyle straight away. This style of training is another detail that sets Omri Geva apart (for more information on training please click here). Depending on the training needed dogs will undergo upwards of 300 hours of training until all goals and expectations in the consultation are surpassed.


We will contact you once training is reaching its conclusion to agree on a specific delivery date. The dog’s trainer will travel to your residence and conduct a 2 to 4 day custom delivery, during which you and your family will be taught how to handle and maintain the dog’s behavior, health and abilities. We will also teach you to handle your dog tactically in simulated scenarios, so you have the confidence and peace of mind in both yourself and your dog, should you ever have to defend yourself or family. Before we leave you with your Omri Geva, you will feel 100% confident in handling your new family member.

Maintenance & Further Training

You will have the ability during your delivery to never “need” to maintenance the dog. However many clients choose to occasionally have their dogs training and abilities refreshed. Furthermore we also always offer additional training for your K9. Omri Geva will travel to you or you can send your dog for “boot camp” with us.

Don’t worry they always have a blast!


num7Our Head Trainer

Omri Geva is perhaps the most talented and prolific trainer of personal protection dog’s working today.

Omri is a graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, nine miles west of Boston. Where he majored in Middle Eatern Politics and near east languages He is fluent in French, Arabic, Hebrew and English. A native of Israel and the United States he has extensive training and experience in ARC (Advanced Response Canine) for the United States Military, and Israeli Defense Forces. He was a member of the Israeli Bob Sled team which he captained in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. He has also trained Orca Killer Whale’s at World in San Antonio Texas.

Omri has helped develop a comprehensive training program for dogs of a wide variety of clients, including professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, corporate executives, FBI, SWAT, and international royalty. Omri has also helped train K9s for the United States Air-force, both for deployment as well as base-security. He has developed and teaches the ARC (Advanced Response Canine) program for military and law enforcement.

Our Dog’s

All of our dog’s are European bred animals. They come from the best blood lines in the world.

The Omri Geva Philosophy: The difference that I think I have is that anyone can train a dog in basic protection: what I offer is a dog that never needs a leash, has impeccable control, can be trusted and consistent, and a truly unique and amazing experience. The control is where the magic happens. The fact you can just do whatever you want with your dog and have this amazing animal that doesn’t need to be on leash or restrained– an animal that isn’t a nuisance and a burden but rather a real pleasure to have around all the time. Same goes for the protection side. The control means I don’t need to have my dog physically by my side to do protection. If I am grabbed or someone is in my home I don’t need to say “hold on let me grab my leash;” rather, the dog can act at your first command exactly how you want. Also most people especially women and children can’t restrain a dog lunging on leash and certainly can’t get away– so my dogs allow you to back away, possibly de-escalate the situation and escape. Or if necessary use the dog on one or multiple attackers… But that control allows you to use the dog in scenarios where one couldn’t use another company’s protection dog (for example just have the dog show aggression by your side when you first feel threatened but before you’d want your dog to actually go into an attack). There are tons of uses for this kind of control. The applications for private security and military/police are endless with this kind of control, not to mention home and personal security.

Still, beyond the security, there’s the awesome part about having a dog you can just BE with. Walk down the street talking on your phone with a coffee in hand and have the dog just be next to you. Can’t do that if you need a leash. Just daily life with a dog like that is a totally different experience.



Basic – $30,000-$35,000

  • Full Omri Geva Off-leash Obedience (See Video)
  • 360 Protection
  • Show Aggression on Command
  • Shut Off Aggression on Command
  • Attack on Command
  • Release and re-call on Command
  • Fully Socialized
  • Handler Training
  • Muzzle Work (Dog will go for real)

Advanced – $45,000-$50,000

  • All Basic Abilities
  • Strategic Multiple Attacker Defense
  • Independent Building/Residence Clearing
  • Tactical Holds and Stops on Moving Targets
  • Advanced Fighting Skills (Using Body, Bite locations)
  • + 1 Custom Option

Customized Dogs – $55,000+

  • All abilities from Basic and Advanced Package
  • All Dogs will vary in price based on clients needs, these will be discussed during initial consult. (please see customization options below)

Custom Options


  • Protection dog training in your chosen language
  • Socialized with other pets ex: livestock or domestic
  • Using selected area of the yard to relieve themselves
  • Tailored for people with specific disabilities or limitations (wheelchair bound, blind, deaf, mute)
  • Customized furniture interaction (stay off couch)
  • Exposed to aircraft (commercial and private)
  • Exposed to marine vehicles
  • Traveling in a vehicle without restraint or containment (ATV, SUV, Car etc)
  • Holding a down stay in an office environment or restaurant (under a desk or table)


  • Child protection dog training program (Dog will protect your child and attend your child anywhere anytime)
  • Vehicle hijack prevention
  • Tactical weapons training and recognition (Defense & Offense)
  • Exposed to live gunfire, fire, smoke & explosives
  • Biting on an elevated surface (roof of vehicle)
  • Food Refusal/Poison Proof
  • Article guarding
  • Guarding surrounding premises/estate
  • Independent Long Range Interdiction
  • Remote Commands via Camera & Microphone

Scent Work

  • Man scent tracking, lost child recovery
  • Building search
  • Article search (wallets, cell phones, keys)
  • Drug detection (Off leash)
  • Explosives detection (Off leash)