Wrongful Conviction Investigations

If you are innocent and you are sitting in a jail cell somewhere, there is nothing that we can say to ease your burden. However there is plenty that we can do to regain your freedom. At Paul J. Ciolino & Associates we are the number one agency in the world in regaining the freedom of people who were wrongfully sent to death row for a crime in which they were innocent.
Whether you are sitting on death row or serving a life sentence we have set the standard in regaining the freedom of five men on death row, and three more serving life sentences. Only one of these cases was assisted by DNA issues, but only after confessions were secured by the real murderers.
The cases in which we were successful were all accomplished through consistent thorough investigations done in the field. Generally speaking, most of these efforts took months or years to accomplish. Only in extremely fortunate and rare cases were these men's freedom regained in under a year.
Our method is a three-phase process. First we must review the case thoroughly. This can take several months depending upon the volume of materials to be reviewed. We then give you an oral assessment of what we feel your legitimate chances of succeeding are.
The second phase is our initial intelligence gathering and pre field investigation. This is primarily a short process. It really depends on how old the case is. Cases that are under five years old moved along much more quickly then cases that are twenty years old.
The third and final phase is the actual field investigation and coordinating of experts, and any other interested involved parties such as innocence projects or appellate counsel.

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